Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Sendi is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and uses multiple interventions to treat excess weight, eating disorders, and sarcopenia (low muscle mass). He also has completed the Master’s program in Lipidology and evaluates cholesterol disorders and cardiac and vascular risk.

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Why treat my Weight Problem?

It’s not just the weight, but also where it is located. Fat tissue is inflammatory and causes metabolic disorders of aging such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and even cancer to occur at more rapid rates. Fat tissue located in the abdomen or around your organs such as the liver and heart will increase your risk of heart disease and even cirrhosis.

We asses this at NOVA Health Recovery through:

  • Bioimpedance measurements to assess muscle mass, metabolic rate, and amount and location of the adipose tissue.

  • KORR metabolic measurements using an indirect calorimeter to know EXACTLY what your metabolism is

  • Extensive metabolic panels to determine gut health, hormonal health, cholesterol risk, and nutrigenetics through gene testing. This can help guide the best diet plan

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The most medically proven methods for weight loss are medical meal replacement. For those who need to narrow their focus on food choices, we offer:

  • Optifast Meal replacement

  • Nutrimed Meal Replacements

The Optifast plan is managed with an on-line portal that includes thousands of nutritional videos with dietitians and behavioral health support. The plan includes unlimited texting with these specialists as well and also has on line exercise and group sessions. The Optifast product is ordered by you on the portal and delivered directly to you.

Nutrimed is another meal replacement plan that includes medical meal replacements of shakes, bars, and drinks that are guided by your initial metabolic measurements. We will connect you with a dietitian through Virtual Health Partners, which includes dietitian support, behavioral health support, on line nutritional videos and exercise classes. This will provide the life style changes necessary to successfully manage your weight loss and health. We can also arrange individual dietary and nutritional support through on line meetings.

Pharmacotherapy : Appetite Suppressants | Diet Pills

  • Phentermine

  • Contrave

  • Locaserin

  • Other FDA approved medication support

  • Semorolin

  • HCG treatment plans

IV Vitamin therapies and Amino acid support

  • Based on your metabolism and metabolic assessment, we can provide IV Vitamin support such has high dose B vitamins, Vitamin C, trace minerals, magnesium, and amino acids to accelerate your metabolism and weight loss.

Advanced Lipid and Cardiac Profile Assessment and Treatment

  • Knowledge of your advanced cholesterol panel can help guide medical treatment options to lower your heart disease risk.