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Addiction Articles

#1. This Neuroscientists argues that addiction is not a disease and the rehab industry is bullsh*t?

Take a look at this interesting article on a very controversial subject. This article isn’t perfect but I think the author makes some very valid points on what works best for recovery after addiction.

2. Brain Hacking Alternative to Ritalin –

Although this article doesn’t discuss opiate addiction, you can still take a lot away from this. Contrary to popular belief there are many hacks that can help you learn and improve something much better much faster. This article shares something interesting studies and stats on what other things can help replace the addiction habit.

3. Slowed Gov Enforcement While the Opioid Epidemic Grew Out of Control –

This is a fascinating well written article by the Washington Post about how the government and big pharma are working hand in hand together to write America’s drug policies and the legalities related to them.

4. Neighbors Treating Neighbors for Depression and Alcoholism with Success –

Great article on how just talking to someone about your problems a little bit each day make a huge difference in our happiness and fulfills in life. This is  must read.

5. The Front Lines of America’s Opioid Addiction Epidemic – 

This is a true journey one writer takes into the middle of the heroin, narcotic and opiate addiction problem and finds out what’s really going on. For someone trying to understand the scope of the heroin addiction in some cities and towns across America.

6. How Pharma Just Stole Your Tax Dollars –

This article might make you mad. Basically lobbyists for pharmaceutical companies have gotten Obama to sign a law that forces medicine and health mandates on American’s that may be actually harmful to you.

7. Can You Get Over an Addiction? – New York Times

This is a good article that explains we often need to reconsider the way we treat addiction in order to get better. It might open peoples mind to a better way to treat and talk about addiction.

8. Anatomy of Addiction: How Heroin and Opioids High Jack the Brain –


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